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TEST: Seabob F5

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den ersten Testbericht!

Facelift, Modellwechsel

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Seabob Service & paint job

starting 2014 we offer


seabob paint job

seabob special desing

best offer:

service&paint job

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Rent a Seabob easy!

  • first day 300€
  • 150€/additional day 
  • deposit = value of the Seabob
  • it is temporarely your Seabob
  • no paperwork, no stress 
  • pay rent in advance, deposit on site
  • 100% reliable booking

Seabob Power Boat

  • 3 x Seabobs on board
  • best Locations
  • best beaches
  • your yacht
  • group&single booking
  • space in sun & shade
  • no crowds
  • safe ship
  • open end

book online or ask us


book it now!


Seabob ebook

not for free ... but well worth it.

  • detailed purchase advice
  • Seabob free diving instructions 
  • Seabob scuba dive instructions 
  • Seabob tested equipment
  • add. accessorie instructables
  • lot's of hints and tricks
  • incl. "Seabob shipping free*" coupon

 Seabob PRICE LIST 2014 PDF


Seabob F5/F5S in stock for world wide delivery or pick up on Mallorca!* 


Seabob F5 / F5s review / tough test:


 Order your F5 / F5s with us! More F5 Information

 new seabob (4)_800_598    new seabob (13)_800_598  
 Seabob CAYAGO F5 ... the new Name?    ... an eye catcher!   

 *we have ordered and fully paid the very first new Seabobs that will be delivered from the manufacturer to main distributors. This investment guarantees you the best posible delivery date and price! Fixed delivery date still depends on final release of Seabob F5 and F5s by CAYAGO to dealers.This should be in May for F5 and June for F5S. Please be advised that until final release to distributers it is not posible for any dealer to proclaime seabobs in stock! If you order a seabob be sure to ask your dealer if he has preordered and fully prepaid sufficient amount of seabobs. Only this will guarantee you the best posible delivery time! This applies to us, every other dealer / distributer and CAYAGO as well. We post this Information in order to protect you from offers where stock or fixed delivery date is being suggested. If you are in dought call CAYAGO Germany to varyfy if the seabob dealer of your choice is authorized and has invested in pre orders or fully prepaid stock.  


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Seabob transferes You into a genue part of the under water world.

Speed noiceles on top of the water. Dive with up to 16 mph down to 40 meters into the blue.

One breath will last forever, while You explore underwater canyons or glide next to a Dolfin ... that's Seabobdiving.

Welcome at the Seabob specialist's site. Here You can find out everything about the incedible CAYAGO Seabob

Seabob base service
Welcome at our Seabob service shop!
We are not only talking about Seabob,
we show what we talk about.
This is part of our fleet ... its real!
Not only cataloge fotos and
spots on a google map ;-) 
Only we can provide
 up to 10 Seabobs at once!

 seabob cayago official price list 2014 ... contact us for even better prices (package deals)